about linx

Linx dynamically transforms ideas into meaningful products.


The traditional product development process is shattered by Linx’s approach to problem solving. Linx’s small, adaptive teams take partnership to a new level by seamlessly embedding themselves into customers’ existing structure. In doing so, Linx adds the best of three disciplines: Award-winning American innovation combined with Swedish design and the best manufacturing China has to offer.

Linx’s business model addresses the inefficiency commonly found in the traditional product development process by seeing a project through until the very end. Linx embodies the sharing economy at an industrial scale. With no brick and mortar of their own, Linx has grown into a tiny giant competing against multinational behemoths.

As a one-stop shop, Linx is able to foster an idea from conceptualization to production. Clients appreciate Linx’s commitment to step in, take responsibility, and expand the scale of innovation.

Historically, Linx was known as the sourcing connection and contract manufacturer for large companies; however, Linx has grown into the company that major enterprises trust with strategic growth and innovation consulting to fully design and produce entire machines–not just parts.


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