Multi-disciplinary teams make innovative, comprehensive solutions.




We help companies determine how to innovate contextually, both immediately and over the long-term. 

Strategy services include: design thinking workshop facilitation, design and engineering consulting, business planning, market analysis, brand strategy, product strategy, go-to-market planning, supply chain strategy, and logistics planning.

Additionally, we offer brand and visual identity asset development.



“Good design must make an emotional connection with its user – this is key. People of all cultures, regardless of age and gender want to surround themselves with art and design which reflect their lifestyle. My philosophy that I bring to design is influenced by my Scandinavian background; functionality, simplicity and sustainability. However, great design doesn’t just happen by itself, it is built around a team that shares common goals. Once this is accomplished, the brand builds itself.” 

-Mikael Bäckström, Design Director




Linx's mechanical engineers work closely with our industrial designers, DFM engineers, and quality engineers to ensure that elements of a product harmoniously come together. 

Confluence between design and manufacturing allows us to increase efficiency at each step of the design to production process.


Linx's team of qualified electrical engineers use their creativity to produce proven, dependable solutions. Layer by layer, our engineers methodically design refined electronics. From developing reliable products used in the automotive industry to commercial beverage equipment, our engineers are prepared to serve diverse markets. 




Software integration throughout the development process leads to more successful electronics.

Linx's software team is on the ground in China, writing testing equipment software, integrating systems, creating machine reporting services, setting up machine diagnostics, coding ARM processor applications, programming PLCs, and forming IoT solutions. 


In addition to our wide array of tooling machinery, Linx also designs and builds tight tolerance molds and supplementary processes.

Optimized manufacturability and performance is assured by expert design for manufacturing. Quality control is supplemented by FEA analysis, mold flow analysis. Tools such as CMM, optical projector, and hardness meter analysis support our processes.




Linx creates specialized equipment such as fully automatic high-speed robotic work cells, operator-assisted semi-automatic workstations, material handling, conveying structures, cartoners, labelers, rotary and linear indexing automated secondary finishing processes, automated inspection and measurement equipment, flexible packaging machinery, automated sub-assembly machines, and more for global markets. 

Aside from generating state-of-the-art machinery, Linx is capable of tailoring existing machines to customer specifications.



Linx has 36 molding machines. We provide plastic injection molds, die cast molds, EDM machined parts, CNC machined parts, and 3D printed prototypes.

Reliable and trust-worthy suppliers are at the heart of Linx’s manufacturing process. We work directly with suppliers to produce elegant, market-ready results that exceed customer expectations. We find that our mutually beneficial exchanges with suppliers not only enrich the quality of our products, but also enrich the quality of life for individuals involved in the production process.




Quality and integrity underlie decisions at every step of our product development process. Both suppliers and customers benefit from Linx’s quality control management system.

In order to deliver on our promise to produce top quality products for our customers, we provide a Quality Control Team as well as continuous safety and procedural training programs for supplier employees. Our engineering team and Quality Control Team have direct and open shop-floor access so we can manage Linx-related operations at supplier facilities.


Our certified quality team provides and continuously improves processes through Lean Production, Poka-yoke, and other processes both at our facilities and at our partner facilities.